Whether your summer has been balmy or a bit of a washout, a sun, sea or landscape piece is the ideal way to transport yourself to a sunny happy place, and memories of nature, holidays and adventures.

Art2Arts has over 500 sun, sea and landscape paintings in all kinds of styles and moods. Here I’ll feature some of my favourites to guide you through the options.

African landscape art
Elephant Sundown

Ricky Figg’s Elephant Sundown is a bold accent piece, transporting us to a warm African sunset. This painting is an ideal match for an uncluttered, contemporary interior, in particular a bedroom or living room.

Seascape art uk
Sanctuary Series 3
Seascape art UK
Sanctuary Series 3

Alison Johnson uses abstraction to intriguing effect in her Sanctuary Series 3. The deep colour scheme conveys a sense of calm while reflecting the power and mystery of the ocean. Surface contrasts and texture add further interest to these paintings. These paintings would stand out well as statement pieces in a somewhat minimalist interior. They’d also be great for bathrooms.



Venice painting cityscape
Venetian Reflections

Philip Wilson’s Venetian Reflections captures Venice’s warmth and charm perfectly. His interpretation of the reflections in the water are particularly engaging. This summery piece will enhance any interior with a warm colour scheme.

Landscape painting UK
End of the Line



End of the Line, by Victoria Stanway, brings to mind quiet coastal villages and train trips away. Its faux-naïve style lends a sense of fun, narrative, and lots of visual interest. Great for a quirky interior, or children’s room. This painting would also make a great gift for a train fan, or dare I say, train spotter.



original watercolour painting

Nepalese artist Kaluram Tamang has a light, airy and illustrative style, and his work brings to mind the fantastical landscapes of manga cartoon productions. Stupa is Kalram’s interpretation of the Monkey Temple in Kathmandu .This work would suit a quirky, artsy interior well. Due to its size, it would really stand out in a small wall space, or displayed salon-style, grouped together with other small artworks.