Online shopping has become an increasingly essential part of our buying routine as it saves valuable time. From food and clothing to home decor and gadgets, we can buy online everything we can think of. Why should artwork be any different?

Why buy artwork online?

Many of us choose to buy online because it offers us the choice of a range of products in one place. It is the same with artwork. You don’t have to visit lots of galleries to find the perfect piece for your home; instead, from the comfort of your home, you can search online galleries where you can find a variety of styles, media and prices to suit your collecting habits and your budget.

As brick and mortar galleries more often than not promote only established artists or they are specialised on one or two styles; you have to visit at least four or five galleries, possibly even more, to find what you are looking for. When searching online, you can find all of the above in one place. You can support emerging artists that don’t have the possibility to sell elsewhere and artists that you wouldn’t have discovered had you not looked online.

Where to buy original art online?

There are many online galleries and shops, including Art2Arts, which offer a range of original artworks from emerging and amateur artists to established and professional artists. Simply search in Google ‘online art galleries’ and it should take you to the right pages. Once you are familiar with what they offer, what artists they promote and what sort of artworks you may find, you can choose a favourite gallery for your online shopping.

One of the main concerns people have with buying online is whether the artwork shown in the pictures will be the same in flesh. It is a valid point; however, one of the main skills artists have to have nowadays is taking photos of their artworks. They know that in order to sell online, this is crucial so they will make sure the photos will be a true reflection of the artwork as per colours, textures and size.

Apart from the main photo showing the artwork as a whole, they also show the painting from a side and several details so people can have a closer look at the brushstrokes, textures and colours.

Are you ready to buy original art online?

Once you know that buying art online is safe and you familiarise yourself with a few galleries and what they offer, you can take the next step and acquire an original artwork for your home then feel free to share your experience with us.