It is not always easy deciding what size canvas would best suit a space. Here is some advice on selecting your painting size to suit different size rooms.

Square Rooms

If selecting a piece of artwork for a square room, it is best to avoid square paintings as this may make the room appear to boxy and controlled. A long painting may work well, and would help break up the space, either portrait or landscape, depending on the heights of the ceiling.

Narrow Rooms

If you have a narrow room, having one painting in the middle can bring the walls closer together. Avoid choosing a long landscape painting, as this will only make the room appear more narrow; avoid a long portrait painting as this will look out of place. For very narrow rooms consider having two paintings and placing them at opposite ends, this will bring the walls in making the room look more square, try to select darker pieces when doing this.

High Ceilings

If you have high ceilings you may consider having more width on your painting rather than height, having a tall painting with high ceilings will only make the ceilings look higher. A painting that is lighter at the bottom and darker towards the top will make the ceilings appear lower, just as a painting that is lighter towards the top will make the ceilings appear higher, thus creating the illusion of space.

Large Rooms

If you have a large space, it works well to select a painting that can be a real focal point. Having this space opens up the opportunity for a design spread over several canvases, with big bold colours. A large space to fill allows for endless opportunities when selection artwork, so be adventurous and get a work of art that will show off your space.

Small Rooms

A small room obviously means small painting. Placing a large piece of artwork in a small room may be too overbearing and look out of place. It is advisable to stick to one piece. However if you are determined to go large, than select a painting that has light, soft colours and will blend in more with the room, rather than try to overtake it.


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