There is always a wonderfully creative atmosphere that comes around every year during Halloween. People come together to carve pumpkins, create thrilling costumes, decorate their homes and gardens with ghoulish creatures and devise creative plans in how to give their family and neighbours a good old scare. There is no better way to decorate your home for Halloween than with some eerie creative expressions from our art gallery. We’ve selected some of the finest artworks that fit into the theme of Halloween for you this year.

Richter Scale – The Mask – JB Lowe


JB Lowe is an abstract artist who takes his inspiration from the works of Kline, Pollock, Hofmann, Reinhardt, Motherwell, Richter, Soulages and Fabienne Verdier. Many of his pieces have an eerie feel to them, particularly his piece ‘The Richter Scale – The Mask’, which would certainly make a fabulous addition to your home for Halloween. The piece features an abstract display that is mostly grey and black with small sections of red and yellow. This piece is almost disturbing in the sense that it appears as if there is a face peering through and looking at you.

Cow With Attitude – Irina Rumyantseva


Irina Rumyantseva is an independent emerging artist and has been living in Manchester, UK since 2009. She creates a variety of different artwork styles including abstract, figurative, floral, landscape, seascape, cityscape, animals, wildlife and still life paintings using an array of mixed media. Her deep edge 100% cotton canvas acrylic painting called ‘Cow With Attitude’ is a great selection for this Halloween. The painting features a creepy looking cow face and the red splashes look like blood dripping down the canvas. The colours in the painting include white, black, yellow, red, orange and purple.

God Speed, My Lovely – Elizabeth Williams


Elizabeth Williams enjoys experimenting with colour and light using the medium of oil paints. She is inspired by the many colours in the world around her and takes big doses of inspiration from water and the sea, and many of her paintings fall into the genre of impressionist landscapes and seascapes. Her piece ‘God Speed, My Lovely’ is an oil painting on box canvas and depicts a lonesome little house and church on a cliff with a dark and gloomy background. The cliff upon which the house stands takes on the appearance of a gigantic wave about to envelope the house. There is something very eerie, sad and lonely about this painting, making it a great piece of art for the Halloween occasion.