The discovery of a new landscape painting by Van Gogh featuring trees, bushes and skies dominated the news in the last few days. Authenticated by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the painting sat in the attic of a private collector who was told that the painting wasn’t by Van Gogh, one of the reasons being that the work was not signed. Sunset at Montmajour – the title of the painting – is yet another valuable landscape painting to be added not only to the Dutch master’s collection but to the world’s too.

The landscape is, and has been, one of the most popular subjects in visual arts as it is a constant inspiration for artists of all times. Painting the landscape proved to be challenging throughout the decades because of the constant movement of light, the challenge of capturing the feel of the place or accurately depicting what one sees. From painting “en plein air” to taking the subject back to the studio based on sketches, the landscape offers both the artists and the collectors, a variety of scenes and styles to suit any painting technique and any home.

Atmospheric Trees
Atmospheric Trees by Michelle Gibbs

Realism, impressionism, expressionism, abstract; acrylic, oil, mixed media, collage; modern, rustic, traditional, minimalist – every landscape painting out there created in any style will suit any interior be that your home, or your office.  A landscape painting can remind you of your favourite place, a happy holiday, your childhood or an exotic place you have or you’d like to visit. By bringing nature into your home, a landscape painting will add personality to your décor while creating harmony. What’s more, a lot of artists offer commissions so if you like an artist’s style but you want a specific place, contact the artist to see how this can be done.

Across the Field
Across the Fields by Arie Coetzee

Art2Arts gallery offers collectors a variety of landscape paintings by established and emerging artists as well as commissions to your specific requirements. Atmospheric trees, summer days, sunset scenes, meadows, coastal scenes, night walks, etc – the diversity of landscape scenes proves once more the popularity of the subject with its derivatives: seascapes, cityscapes, moonscapes, semi abstract and abstract scenes, floral art and nature art.

Night Gulls
Night Gulls by Ricky Figg

We hope that the new Van Gogh discovery will make you look at a landscape painting in a different light and if you haven’t considered acquiring such an artwork before, now it’s your chance to have a look at our collection on the website and choose one or more paintings to match your interior and your personality. View Art2Arts latest landscape paintings.

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