Maze II
This Alluring Artwork is By Abi Adeyemi

Buying original art for yourself might be quite simple compared to buying it as a gift for someone else. When you select artwork for yourself, you are well aware of your taste, personality and interest. But when selecting artwork for someone else as a purpose of gifting them, you are unaware of their taste and interests regarding art. Buying original art for a loved one at a special occasion can be a daunting and tricky task. That’s why there are several factors to consider before you jump start into buying art or sculpture pieces for the recipient. To begin with, you might want to ask the following questions:

• How familiar are you with the recipient’s likes and dislikes?
• Where would they be willing to showcase your gifted artwork?
• What are their favourite artists or sculptors?
• How much do you want to spend?
• When do you need it?

Angles In A Big Blue Ocean
This Captivating Painting is By Gill Bustamante

How familiar are you with the recipient’s likes and dislikes?

Too often we believe that we know our loved ones or friends very well. But when it comes to such scenarios where you decide to gift them artwork, you are left wondering how well do you know the person. Before buying a masterpiece, it is important to discuss with what their preferences are and whether they are avid lovers of art or not. Once you have established their preferences, it is important to further explore factors such as the personality of the recipient and whether the type of art you are planning to gift him/her will suit the interior of their home.

Where would they be willing to showcase your gifted artwork?

Once you have determined the recipient’s personality and preference, it is vital to identify what space does the recipient have in order to accommodate your gift artwork. Rather than buying a painting that is too big for the recipient’s house it is better to ask them which spaces do they have to showcase the original art. Because many times oil paintings and sculptures are found stored in the attic, they never get to see the light of day, simply because they are too big. It is important to keep in mind that the original art needs to complement the decor of the room as well.

The View From Greenwich
A Beautiful Piece By Roberto Ponte

What are their favourite artists or sculptors?

As mentioned earlier that while enquiring about their art preferences it is best to identify whether they like a collection of paintings by a certain artist or sculptor. It would be wiser to gift them artwork that belongs to that specific artists rather than experiment with some other artist.

How much do you want to spend?

This is by far one of the most important questions to ask before deciding what type of original art you want to buy for your loved ones. This serves as a deciding factor in whether you are interested in buying an oil painting, sculpture or hanging art. Remember that size does not necessarily matter when it comes to original art.

Mother & Child
A Captivating Artwork By Christopher Render

When do you need it?

Before booking or buying a painting, it is always recommended to make sure the gallery or online artwork shop will deliver at the suggested deadline. Always keep a margin for unpredictable events such as bad weather into consideration before suggesting a date and time.