Festival Meadow by Carol Ann Wood

Anyone who’s been watching the new BBC series ‘Home Is Where The Art Is’ will understand the power that commissioned art has on our emotions.

In the programme, couples ask three artists to bid for a commission that resonates with them. So far in the series we’ve seen pottery made to celebrate a beloved home, a mixed media portrait painting of two family lurchers and a piece created to symbolise joy for a man with terminal cancer.

Although two out of the three artists create their pieces based on the client’s brief, the winning artist is then decided by the couple choosing the piece that they’ll be talking home.

Candy Floss by Rachel McCullock
Candy Floss by Rachel McCullock

What makes this programme so interesting is the emotional response that each piece evokes as the artists bid to create art that resonates with the people in question. Tears of happiness are common as a reaction that just goes to show that when commissioned pieces are done to the brief, the buyer will have a piece that they’ll be able to treasure for a lifetime.

Commissioning a piece of art for your home is becoming more and more common, with many artists offering up their unique range of skills to create a piece that speaks to the buyer on a deeper level.

Art 2 Arts are thrilled to work with some of the UK’s best up and coming artistic talent with many of them available to work on commission pieces on any topic, style of size.

In order to commission a piece, it’s important to think about the space the artwork will hang, the subject matter you’d like to see as well as any colour schemes or tones that would best suit your home environment.

Alison Balsom OBE by Peter Dadswell
Alison Balsom OBE by Peter Dadswell

Next, take a look at our commission artists section to view a selection of artwork previously created by artists from all over the UK. Seeing examples of their previous work can help you choose a particular style that works for you and that you’ll be happy to adorn your walls at home.

Once you’ve selected your artist, give them as much information as you possibly can on what you’re looking for as this will help inspire them to create a piece that represents exactly what you’ve been seeking. The more detail you give, the better the artwork will be, so don’t be afraid to share your dreams of the perfect piece of artwork for you with the artist.