This article explores how we think about colour and the best way of choosing your artwork. By using your space you can enhance your artwork making it a focal point.


Opening your mind to colour

Many people are unaware that colour can effect our moods. Experiments have shown that colour can change a person’s sense of time, energy and space. The colours we choose also say a lot about our personality.

So why is colour so important in a painting?

One painting can completely change the aesthetics of a room. The colours selected can bring warmth, energy, spirit, passion, and so the list continues. Colour within a painting can set a mood, it can bring depth and character to a piece of art and is one of the most important elements of any piece. It can bring it to life, but equally destroy it.

Creating an atmosphere with your painting.

The colours you choose within your interior and the colours selected in your painting will make or break your space. It is important they work in harmony together and are not fighting for attention. Is your painting to stand out and make a statement, or blend into a space? Think about the strength of the colours in comparison to all the colours already in your interior and how they will work together. Think about the number of colours you want to use. Too many maybe overbearing, but too few may appear bland and boring. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

Below is a short guide to what different colours represent and the energy they will bring to a space:

  • Green – Calming, relaxing and nature
  • Blue¬† – Cool, calming and soothing
  • Purple – Creative, spiritual and inspirational
  • Red – Passion, danger and energy
  • Orange – Warm, happy and bold
  • Yellow – Bright, uplifting and confident
  • Neutrals – Natural, easy going and comforting
  • Pink– Sexy, bright and outgoing

Colour Wheel

A colour wheel shows the division of warm and cool colours. Warm colours are said to advance and appear more active in a painting and stimulate the viewer, whereas cool colours recede and give a calm relaxed feel.

Buying a painting to suit your interior colours.

Why buy a painting to suit your interior, why not choose interior colours to suit your painting? Most people spend so much time hunting for that perfect painting, just the right size and just the right colours to match their interior decor. Why not be so inspired by a piece of art that you choose your interior space to work around your painting. It would be far easier to work this way round then the opposite. By creating an interior scheme first and then look for a piece of work, you are putting us boundaries. You the discard so many beautifully created piece of work and are not being open minded about your piece of art.

A painting can capture your imagination, colour can inspire. Colour is all around us and effecting us all the time, so don’t ignore it………..embrace it!

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