What are the theories behind the colour BLUE?

  • Cool
  • Calming
  • Soothing
  • Relaxing

When we think of the colour blue, we immediately associate it with the sky or the sea. The colour blue indicates purity, nature, health and healing.

The colour blue has a fresh, openness. It symbolises trust, wisdom and intelligence.

When using blue within the home, it is often used in the bathroom, as we bring water and the colour bluewavelar2.jpgblue together. Blue is a cool colour, and is rarely used in the living area, as this is a place to feel cosy and warm and blue does not give this feeling quite so well. However used with the right colours we can side step the cold feeling. Perhaps trying to warm the colour slightly by introducing other slightly warmer tones, like chocolate brown.

There are hundreds of different tones, try using a very pale blue with soft lighting as this can also bring a warmer feel to the colour.

Be experimental with blue, don’t just assign it to the bathroom, this is such a typical step. Try and be inventive, use a warm colour in the bathroom and bring blue into the rest of the house.

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