Sailing School by Sandra Francis
Sailing School by Sandra Francis


Painting from memory after walking on the beach every day, Sandra Francis is not interested in painting a particular place, but to transfer her emotional response to the painting thus creating a unique piece in her recognizable style. Sailing School is no exception.

Golden sands, turquoise water, blue skies and sunny clouds set the mood of the painting and the background of the sailing boats that we see in the distance. The texture on the foreground gives the painting depth, perspective and a tactile feel.

“The reflection of the sky on the sea and the patterns found on the beach made by the rocks, sands and water fascinate me and provide never ending inspiration” says Sandra Francis and no words can describe it better what her art is about.

Sailing School is a serene, tranquil and peaceful artwork, the movement of the boats being rather subtle, suggested by the scale of the boats that we see in the water.

The various textures in the sand and the sky take over, making viewers look at the painting again and again. It takes you by the hand and it draws you in as if you are there, by the beach, feeling the warmth of the day, enjoying the spectacular views and listening to rhythmic movement of the sea.