Moon Rising by Ria Janta-Cooper
Moon Rising by Ria Janta-Cooper


“In Fairyland the Moon and the Stars live at the bottom of a lake, which is hidden deep in the dark and mysterious forest. Every evening the Moon and the Stars work hard to enlighten the darkness, rising above the clandestine waters of the lake”.

“To show you how hard it is, I’ve painted it on canvas using the Fairyland colours of cobalt turquoise, teal, cadmium yellow lemon, phthalo turquoise, and last but not least quinacridone red light”. This is how Ria Janta-Cooper describes her artwork Moon Rising.

The artist lives in Yorkshire and her artwork is influenced by naturalism and photorealism.

Naturalism in fine art describes a true-to-life style which involves the representation or depiction of nature with the least possible distortion or interpretation. However, to a degree, naturalism is also influenced by culture and the artist’s subjectivism.

The artist is bound to make small distortions to create his or her idea of a perfectly natural painting. As Moon Rising is set in Fairyland, we can’t talk about naturalism, but surrealism.

When we first look at the painting, the eyes are drawn towards the moon’s reflection in the lake. The colours are vibrant and vivid and the composition is coherent.

Moon Rising takes you by the hand and leads you in a realm of dreams and fairytales.