Geel Cello by Zhana Viel
Geel Cello by Zhana Viel

Exploring the musical theme and the unity between the musicians and their instruments, Zhana Viel’s paintings are an expression of what her sense gathers from the surrounding world. This unity transpires in Geel Cello too where the artist portrays a man playing his cello.

Created in mixed media in yellow shades and earthy colours, the painting has a warm feeling attached to it, inviting the viewers into the musician’s world where music paints with sounds what a visual artist paints with brushes.

Visual artists have always been interested in exploring other arts into their work, from mythology and biblical scenes to music and literature. Visual arts tell stories that people see on a canvas while offering a cultural context to interpret them.

The beauty of Zhana Viel’s artwork is that it doesn’t capture a moment in time that we can identify in history, but an emotion that is atemporal.

Now, moving our attention to the musical instrument, the cello belongs to the violin family and is used in both solo and orchestral performances.

Many composers like Vivaldi, Haydn or Bach wrote cello concerto music, furthermore, cello sounds began making an appearance in the today’s music like pop, rock and R&B, thus making it appealing to a wider audience. Just like Zhana Viel’s painting that capture the viewers through a sophisticated sound also found in their favourite music be that classical or contemporary.