Forest Light by Stella Dunkley
Forest Light by Stella Dunkley


We like Stella Dunkley’s artist statement: “Living near the south of England’s coastline and close to the river Stour in Dorset has given me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the land and sea of this area”.

“Many of my paintings are directly inspired by these views, concentrating on the colour, light and atmosphere, especially observing the intense colours at sunrise and sunset, translating my emotional response onto canvas, giving the viewer an insight into my unique interpretation of the landscape, and a sense of my own personal connection with the subject”.

Forest Light, our artwork of the week, illustrates perfectly this statement, offering viewers an atmospheric forest scene, colourful and mysterious. The couple strolling on the path gives the artwork meaning.

Created in acrylic on canvas in shades of purple, pink, mauve and blue, Forest Light is a delightful impressionistic landscape.

As the title suggests, light is the main feature in the artwork, drawing the eyes towards it first, then through the trees’ branches, creating contrast with the dark areas and giving the artwork perspective and depth.

Forest Light by Stella Dunkley is a beautiful painting that makes you look at it again and again. Enjoy!