Enigma Variations by Maureen Greenwood
Enigma Variations by Maureen Greenwood

If you are familiar with Maureen Greenwood’s work, you probably know that her main subjects are landscapes, seascapes, still life paintings and abstract artworks. What defines her style is texture and colour and she is comfortable working in any medium: acrylic, oil or mixed media.

This is the case with her latest work, Enigma Variations, an abstract artwork created in acrylic and mixed media where we can see the artist’s mark through colour combination, texture, medium and composition.

Maureen Greenwood has been a professional artist for over 14 years and she is inspired by her travels to Europe, particularly the Mediterranean light.

We can definitely see this in the warm colours and shades of yellows with a touch of gold in her artworks.  She exhibits her work regularly and she also teaches art for beginner and intermediate level students in her studio.

It is not unusual for artists to create traditional pieces alongside abstract ones to keep their creativity flowing. However, when looking at such diverse paintings, there tends to be a coherence that unites them and this rings true with Maureen Greenwood’s artworks.

Some of her customers describe her work as vibrant, amazing and pleasant to look at. As for Enigma Variations, if it needed a description in three words, they would be: intricate, mysterious and multifaceted.