2016-02-07_c.t.dancing-female_nude-1700In drawings foreshortening and movement could be dramatic and interesting.

I challenge myself to make sketches and drawings from my mind of different postures and movements of the human body in perspective.

For example, this drawing, “Dancing – Female Nude “, is one of them.

I never know before how is going to look like my drawing or what the title will  be. I just know that I would like to make something with movement and foreshortening and I start playing with the charcoal on paper. I am never afraid to play and never think about going wrong or the drawing will get smudged. This is part of the process of creation and looks right to me.

I use sugar paper, which is perfect for charcoal and pastel drawings. It comes in different light colour shades and has a slightly rough texture. I work with very thick willow charcoal because I move fast and I can put pressure on the paper. This charcoal doesn’t break easily and creates expressive marks, lines and shades.

I started with a continuous line from the bottom of the page on the right side of the leg, hips,  and up towards breast and shoulders going down to the left leg to the bottom of the page. I followed with the shape of the head and face, developed the body a little bit more and finished with a quick drawing of the arm and hand. At the end I put some rough horizontal shades, especially down to the legs, in order to suggest movement.

After the drawing is finished I think about the title. In this case it came easily, usually this is the hardest part of the process.

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