Book Lover by Monika Lunia

“I am a full-time artist because I cannot imagine spending my time without a brush in my hand, paint on my clothes, and beauty flowing out of my heart”. This is how Monika Luniak introduces herself to the public and you are instantly drawn into her universe.

Monika’s artwork is becoming more and more popular with our collectors for both mastery and subject matter. Inspired by the Baltic Sea and the human form, her art is created in oil, a medium that still is the benchmark for a great artwork.

Book Lover” is our artwork of the week and we talked to Monika about the inspiration and the creative process behind this piece. Beyond the few words, the artwork speaks for itself and it is appealing for sea and book lovers alike and it can be hung in both traditional or modern interiors.


Wip Book Lover by Monika Luniak
Wip Book Lover by Monika Luniak

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

I live near the Baltic Sea. It is beautiful – wild when there is a storm, calm as a soup when the weather is fine. I love watching the seasons changing over the sea. I have an immeasurable feeling of space and freedom. This is my world; I am taking all in so I can express myself fully on canvas.

What was the creative process when creating your painting?

I painted this picture very spontaneously, I had fresh images and feeling after my last stay by the sea. The artwork is painted in oil and it has a thick texture given by both brushes and palette knives.

How long would this work have taken you?

This artwork took one day to complete. I spent a weekend at the seaside and when I got home, I had to paint it straight away while my feelings were still fresh :).

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