Decorate your kitchen with art
A kitchen is considered the heart of the home and if you love art, you can easily incorporate some original paintings into your kitchen decor. In this article, we wanted to give you a few ideas to get you started.

Kitchens are the heart of any home, and if art is something that also takes up a little space in your heart, then it stands to reason that you could be combining your interests with the epicentre of your abode.

Here are a few of our favourite pieces of art that are ideal for kitchens, as well as a few tips on how to position your art to avoid damage.


Fresh florals



Summer Riot by Colette Baumback
Summer Riot by Colette Baumback


If you love having fresh flowers in your kitchen, why not chose a piece that will offer you continual colour for years to come?

Summer Riot by artist Colette Baumback features a heady mix of vibrant summer hues in acrylic on canvas form that will brighten your kitchen and create a stunning focal point that celebrates the big and bold beauty of nature.


Contemporary cocktails


It must bee cocktail time by Rik Saggers
It must bee cocktail time by Rik Saggers


If your kitchen is most definitely for dancing, then you’ll love It must bee cocktail time by artist Rik Saggers.

Showcasing the fragile beauty of insects with a fun and frivolous cocktail shaker theme, this on-trend A3 piece is perfect for kitchen areas where the drinks flow and there’s always time for a cheeky tipple.


Wonderful Wildlife


Wren On The Orange Pear by Vivek Mandalia
Wren On The Orange Pear by Vivek Mandalia


If country cottage chic is more your kitchen style, then Wren On The Orange Pear by artist Vivek Mandalia combines the simple beauty of birds with fresh fruit for a heavily textured piece filled with interest and depth.

A smaller piece created on canvas board, this rustic yet vibrant piece of artwork is ideal for smaller spaces or as part of a larger arrangement in kitchens with more generous proportions.


Caring for your art

Once you’ve discovered our range of incredible art and chosen a piece that would be perfect for your kitchen, be sure that you position it in a place where it cannot be damaged by all of the daily kitchen tasks that we often fail to consider when adorning our home.

Keep your canvases safe from steamy ovens, hobs, sinks and kettles as water vapours can seriously damage paintings and drawings over time.

Likewise, be sure to keep art away from any surfaces where food is served or prepared as accidental sauce splashes cannot be easily removed without the help of a professional art restoration specialist.

Direct sunlight can be harmful too, so choose a space free from any direct rays to keep your artwork looking fresh and vibrant for a lifetime.