Fuchsias by Silvie Tupa
Spring is in the air and at Art2Arts we are in awe by the talented artists that choose flowers as their subjects. From daffodils and snowdrops to anemones and fuchsias, we have flowers for every taste to match any interior style. We had a really hard job to choose just one floral painting as our artwork of the week. Nevertheless, we tried and these Fuchsias by Silvie Tupa caught our eyes so we had to ask the artists some questions about the inspiration and the creative process:

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

I love flowers and grow many different varieties in my Shropshire garden. By painting flowers, I’m extending their season and enjoying their beauty all year round. These fuchsias bloom every summer in my garden and I am always excited to see them again every year. Fuchsias are also my mother’s favourite flowers, so I have another reason to paint them.

What is the creative process when creating your watercolour floral art?

On a warm summers day when flowers are in full bloom and all the radiant colours are on display, I look for contrasts of light and shade or gentle movement that seeks to captivate my attention. I try to capture the composition or scene with a quick sketch and perhaps a photograph, (if the light is right, which helps with some of the fleeting details).  On some occasions I will be able to paint in the garden and on other occasions I will complete a painting in my studio.

How long would this work have taken you?

I really do not consider time too much when painting, it is a creative and evolving process and I do not limit time on each piece, or rush to have it finished, so it is hard to say.  I very rarely finish a painting at one sitting, and there are times when I will start again if I do not capture the image in the way that I want.  Sometimes a piece will be one of serval works in progress throughout the summer or completed later, perhaps on an autumn or winter day when I seek to be reminded of the glory of summer.