A Perfect Moment by Melanie Graham

Where did the inspiration come from for this piece?

The inspiration for this piece came from spending many sun-filled days on the southwest coastal path in Cornwall. Wandering along the cliffs clad with sumptuous blackberries, glowing gorse, and fantastic foxgloves, delving across the deep dunes and exploring stunning coves and large beaches I often feel a deep sense of calm. To try and paint that sense of peace on canvas requires a certain mood – a good mood!


A Perfect Moment by Melanie Graham
A Perfect Moment by Melanie Graham

What is the creative process when creating your seascape paintings?

Creating the calm seascapes requires me to feel in a gentle mood. I often listen to piano music like Einaudi, or perhaps something classical. I choose just a few paints for my palette and mix them to ensure a sense of calm and not too busy a piece for the eye to view. I often remember my walks or trips to the coast and can envisage the sounds of the sea, see the birds swooping above and feel the fresh sea air. I zone out and transport myself to the place I’m creating. I don’t think the viewer can gain the sense of the painting, unless the painter puts their soul on canvas.

How long would this work have taken you?

This piece took around six hours over a period of a few days. I tend to work on three or four pieces at a time. Work on each as and when I feel in the mood. Some pieces can take hours, some take months.

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