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There’s absolutely no denying that the past year or so has been tough on our mental health.

With government-enforced lockdowns, job losses and the inability to meet with family and friends imposed to reduce transmission of COVID-19, many of us have struggled to adjust to new ways of living.

As the virus seems set to be with us for quite some time to come, many people are looking at new and exciting ways to improve their mental wellbeing and get those feel-good hormones flowing.

If hitting the gym isn’t quite your cup of tea, then you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that art has been used for many years as a form of therapy to help people cope with the daily stresses of life and work through particularly tough challenges that they may be facing.

Here are just a few examples of how art can be used as therapy. Why not give one a try this weekend?


Night Magicians by Gill Bustamante
Night Magicians by Gill Bustamante


Create your own art

As one of the purest forms of self-expression, creating a piece of art of your very own is an excellent way of conveying thoughts and feelings without verbal expression.

By utilising the creative process, including both planning and execution, artists are able to work through often painful or challenging emotions and put these down on canvas which is both highly satisfying and very cathartic.

Through exploring art in this way, you can express conflicting emotions easily, so don’t be afraid to use various mediums and styles as your art should be highly personal to your own individual experience.

Art with a calming quality

For those that don’t relish the idea of getting stuck into watercolours, acrylics, or canvas, just viewing the art created by others can have a calming effect on a racing mind.

Ideal for those struggling with anxiety or anyone looking for a respite from their busy modern lives, heading into a gallery to view some traditional landscapes of pieces that use calming hues such as blues, sea greens, and lilacs have been shown to relieve stress temporarily.

A permanent escape

For those that find themselves overwhelmed with the new normal and in need of a little escapism, having a piece of art in the home that really resonates with you and offers you a focal point for a few moments of quiet reflection is an excellent way of getting a little at-home art therapy.

Simply choose a piece that speaks to you and has the effect you’ve been seeking, hang it in a prominent position and start to enjoy some art therapy without having to leave the house!