When did you first become interested in painting?

As a child it was what I was good at and from a very early age I have  enjoyed

the attention and encouragement received  from friends, parents and teachers when I painted something they could recognise.  Later on their nurturing and devotion drove me to give up my mundane office job and inspired me to study for a foundtion course in art and design followed by a BA Hons in fashion with marketing. 


Are you a full time artist and if so how do you manage your time?

I have been a full time artist now for 6 years. I love the freedom that comes from being my own boss and fitting things around my family.  As soon as the children are out of the door I like to answer emails and pack paintings for dispatch,  it is only then that my mind can be free to concentrate on painting. Some mornings I will make it to the gym, more for the social aspect than the physical exertion. I normally settle into work around mid morning. Drifting into my own world usually until around 4pm when the children return. Later on in the evening I will prepare canvas’s and sketch  ideas to get a head start on the following day. 

Did you always know you would become an artist, or did you have other ideas?

I always knew that painting would be a part of  my life however putting that into practice and following it as a career was something that I have only recently been able to accomplish. After graduation I  began a career in Fashion buying which I thoroughly enjoyed, however familly life took over and I needed to a change of direction and with the support of my husband I was able to paint and market my own work. 


Where do you get your inspiration?

I use the cities and countryside of my northern home to find colours and patterns to create interesting artworks. Some paintnings are figurative abstractions capturing the bohemian atmosphere of a bottle littered Amsterdam bar. In others it is the icy trees and low lying sun of a winter’s scene.

What draws you to work in an abstract style?

My abstract paintings usually begin with a photograph or sketch of either urban or a rural stetting. The colours and patterns beyond the detail usually jump out and provide the inspiration for a peice. The source is endless and constant.

I often move into complete abstraction, creating sunswept , intense vibes that glisten with inner warmth. Here colour and movement are the inspiration. 


Some of your paintings have very vibrant colours and others softer, is there a reason for this?

In the same way that sudenly without any warning a landscape can be trasformed as sunlight bursts throught the clouds from cool greys and blues to deep intense reds and golden tones, they are however equally as beautiful to see. I find it difficult to restrict myself to one colour pallet .  I like to experiment with the effect that colour has on the mood of a painting. 

Are you influenced by any famous artists, if so who are they?

Very, and there are hundreds. Rothko, Chaghall, Twombly, Gorky, Kirchner…

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