If you love to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest interior design trends, you’ll no doubt be wondering what autumn holds in terms of the most wanted colour palettes.

This autumn, you can expect to see bold and striking hues inject a pop of vibrant colour into many interiors. Let’s take a look at the hottest colours for homes as the season starts to change, as well as a few pieces of art that will perfectly complement your new colour selection.


Flame Scarlet


Never Alone by Paul Taylor
Never Alone by Paul Taylor


Deep, warm and striking, flame scarlet gives the traditional dark red an update for 202 with an orange tinge. This fusion of reds and oranges gives an autumnal feel to living and dining areas, creating a cosy environment for the chillier nights as we say goodbye to summer.

Art we recommend: Never Alone by artist Paul Taylor uses an eye-catching sunset as the inspiration for this piece of work, with warming hues of red, orange and hints of yellow to create even more interest to flame scarlet walls.


Classic Blue


Ocean Waves 8 by Irina Rumyantseva
Ocean Waves 8 by Irina Rumyantseva


The colour of the year 2020, classic blue is a solid and dependable shade that provides a calming and reassuring environment.

Suggestive of the sky at dusk, this shade is ideal for virtually any room in the house making it universally popular with those seeking to update their interior décor for autumn 2020.

Art we recommend: A piece that uses colours that compliments this on-trend shade, Ocean Waves 8 by Irina Rumyantseva offers an abstract interpretation of waves crashing against a rocky shoreline with plenty of movement and visual energy.

With white accents to bring the canvas to life, this piece of art is ideal for anyone with a love of the ocean and abstract art.




Bumble Bee 2 by Casimira Mostyn
Bumble Bee 2 by Casimira Mostyn


The same golden yellow tone of the aromatic spice, saffron allows us to bring the hues of the falling autumn leaves into our own home and offers a soothing and warming shade for living spaces, kitchens and even bedrooms.

With a hint of sunshine yellow, this shade works well with other warm tones such as flame scarlet for those who want to design their own striking colour palette.

Art we recommend: Using an eternally popular muse for her work, artist Casimira Mostyn uses saffron accents to create Bumble Bee 2, a piece that showcases the delicate beauty of mother nature. Compete with a white background, this piece could be used to break up large saffron walls and draw the eye to the intricate detail of the humble bumblebee.